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A lady friend of mine said a little while ago, that she would just love to have a bench at the bottom of her bed.  Every time I went out shopping or just exploring with another girlfriend, the two of us would keep our eyes open for a bench.

We found a couple of benches over time, at different price points… of the nicest ones was in a consignment shop.  It was ivory damask and only $50.00. Well, I hummed and hawed about just buying it myself for our lady friend, but waited a day or two too long, and it sold.  (That’s the thing about consignment or thrift stores, if you see something you’d like, you have to buy it then and there or it’s gone, and you loose your chances to get that perfect piece!!!!)

Leaving my mother-in-law’s one afternoon, I came across this faux suede bench at the end of a driveway.  As soon as I saw it, I knew where it was going to have a second chance……

The suede was rather stained, but there was absolutely no odor.  The bench was otherwise, in great shape.  So, I stuck it in the back of my van and drove off with my FREE bench…..( I did say F R E E didn’t I?) It’s wonderful having a van..This latest one has the “Stow-And-Go” seats, so at the pull of a tab, or lifting one lever, my seats go into the floor….JUST LOVE IT!  My van is either full of stuff, or full of people….

I knew I was going to distress the wood with chaulk paint, but had to find a complimentary fabric for my lady friend’s bedroom, her comforter set being pale turquoise and dark brown….

(The lighting doesn’t show the colouring perfectly, but I even had enough material to make a throw cushion too).

Here is the “NEW” bench in it’s re-vamped awesomeness!!!!  (The turquoise stripe mateched the comforter perfectly)…I chose the striped fabric as there is no other pattern in her room.  I painted the wood in an ivory chaulk paint, then distressed it.  The fabric was put on with a staple gun.  To do everything took just half a day.  (Love her vintage brass bed).

I also tried the cushion on a side chair, and that worked well too.  This gorgeous crystal lamp that my lady friend brought over from England, was stashed in a closet.  There was a smaller lamp on the table with a crome base and ivory shade.  It was quickly switched out, and the crome based one went into the spare bedroom.

I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, to be able to score this bench, (for FREE…Free is always the best price).

If you see something either at the side of the road, or in a thrift shop, but hate how it looks, simple changes can make it amazing…..and save it from the dump site too! 

At this time, I would also like to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING next weekend......

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