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Hi everybody! Well, I’ve finally been able to get out in the garden for a bit in the last day or so. I had 2 yards of triple mix dirt delivered. Some went into a flower bed that I had to dig out, as my hydrengas weren’t blooming anymore, after 15 years of being in the ground. I ordered some ornamental grasses to put in the bed. The remainder was spread over the lawn, and grass seed was added.
Hopefully, all will take…….

I have just a short blog today, about changing up some Crown Royal whiskey bottles that I had kept for exactly the purpose of making them look "SHABBY-CHIC" with paint…….(I have seen this posted previously on Pinterest, so it’s not a new idea of mine…..)

I soaked off the labels in hot water…

I spray-painted them a copper colour…

Then I painted over the copper with “Hidden Meadow” and “Gem Turquoise”, both by Behr, (Home Depot)…

Using a kitchen sponge with the scouring pad attached, I dampened it and used the scouring side to sand the lovely raised pattern on the bottles. The pad works great when wet, as you don’t want to take off a lot of the coloured paint, but want the copper, (or what-ever colours you choose), to show through, giving the“SHABBY-CHIC” look that you’re after. (Using the dampened pad also eliminates dust from the sanding, especially if you are doing this on the kitchen counter as I did).

And, VOILA! You have two sweet-looking bottles that are weathered and worn…

Now, you just have to decide where you want to put them…

I was kind of figuring to put mine outside on a “Granny Door" that I have out on the deck.

So, have fun being creative! Have a great week….Until next time, Judy

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