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Well hello all!  I guess you’re getting into “Easter” mode with decor and baking.

My blog today, has nothing to do with Easter.  I want to delve into why we decorate with roosters, predominately in the kitchen.

Rooster: Intelligence (mun), Patience (in), Trust (shin), Science of War (mu), Bravery (yong)
People believed roosters knew time well and considered them a symbol of hopeful beginnings and good omens. It was said that when the chicken made sound, all evil spirits disappeared. The characteristic of intelligence was attributed to the rooster’s crest. When it eats, it shares its food with others, showing patience. A rooster stays awake all night and cries at a certain time every morning, giving an impression of trust. Its sharp toenail represents the science of war, and its continuing to fight until death was compared with bravery. (Rooster)

“Throughout different cultures the rooster has been a symbol of many things one of the most predominant is luck. Having some form of Rooster in your kitchen is said to bring you luck and could just make you feel good. Here is a little more information about Roosters and Rooster folklore.” (continue reading). To countries like France, China, Portugal, and the Western World, the rooster, in decor, has come to mean different things…. 

There are numerous ways roosters have been incorporated into decor…mainly in the kitchen, but also on a hall table or in the dining room….

I purchased a white rooster for a girl friend after she had completed a kitchen reno…

(This was taken in my kitchen before I gave it to her)…

 I also have a green glass rooster candy dish in my kitchen…..

Use a lovely picture at your office area….

Make a unique back splash at the stove…..

Set an amazing table….INSIDE or


Have a piece of painted furniture in the dining room……

These kitchen canisters are just lovely……

Hand-painted cassarole dishes…and a “Chicken Pot Pie Reipe too”

Very often, there is a wall clock hanging….

(Never, ever seen such amazing colour…..)

Create a beautifl vignette at the front door…..

or in a hallway….

Have roosters welcome you at the front door…..

(Totally love this idea on the door!)

(Front door in the back….)

Roosters have also been popular as weathervanes….be it as an architectural decor piece, or

on a building……

(Read about Symbol Meanings of the Rooster……..) 

Just for fun, I included a video of a rooster PLAYING SOCCER….. 

My blog stayed with WHITE ROOSTERS in decor, but there are extraordinary ones with colour…..

Rooster color - this guy was blessed with stunning color. Almost makes up for the noise at the crack of dawn. 

“Buckeye, a rare, heritage breed - lays 250-300 brown eggs a year - one of the two best breeds for cold weather, they will venture out on the coldest of days. Dual purpose bird with particularly dark meat.” 

(Images: Pinterest)

I hope you have found out some things that you didn’t know…..

Have a wonderful Easter……Until next time….Judy

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