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TWO QUICK AND EASY DIY'S -- 03/02/2014

Happy Monday to all. Hope everyone had a fabulous “Super-Bowl” weekend? Hope YOUR team won!!! I didn’t watch any of it, as I was painting a large stripe around the ceiling and wall of my master bedroom. The stripe had been done previously, but I thought it was way too skinny and didn’t make a bold enough statement for me….Finished now, and the room also got a major “SPRING CLEANING” while I was at it, since the furniture was all moved around.

I’m going to show you two very quick and easy DIY projects…one involves a gold wooden owl, and the other is a plate cake-stand.

First, the owl….

I bought this wooden owl in “Winner’s” for $5.00, but wasn’t totally thrilled with the gold finish. I bought it anyway, knowing that a can of spray paint would change it to what I was looking for.


The gold made it look rather plasticy. I picked up a can of silver spray paint at the local hardware store, and painted the whole surface.


After the paint had dried, I lightly sanded the edges, giving the owl an antiqued look.


The toned down gold paint suits my taste and decor much better….


The pine cones received the silver spray paint too!!! I realize this is a Christmas picture, but the owl stays out all year round, on a shelf…


He adds a bit of whimsy to the room……

The second, is a plate stand that I made….

I bought a small white plate in a thrift shop for $1.50 with the idea of making a plate stand already in mind. I also required some form of base. Searched the thrift stores again, for something I could use. I found this stainless steel “Sudae” dish. It was PERFECT!!!!
I needed something that had a larger diameter to sit on the table so that it wouldn’t topple over.


So, the Sundae dish was turned upside down.


I taped off where I wanted to use the spray adhesive so that it wasn’t all over the back of the plate. It remains quite sticky!
I weighted the Sundae dish down with a ceramic cookie jar for an hour or so….but I will tell you—This glue didn’t work…..So I tried again.


I was able to get the spray glue off the plate with a bit of rubbing. Then decided to try my hot glue gun.
It’s been glued for a little while now, but hasn’t been placed in hot water. Not sure if the glue will hold up yet, but so far, so good!!!!!
I’ll let you in on a little secret…..This is not the original plate that I bought for this project. I was drying the first one after washing it, and also showing it to my husband, when the plate flew out of my hand and shattered on the floor. (So, had to go and get another one for my really-wanted-to-have plate stand). 


I had the home-made plate stand on the kitchen counter with short-bread cookies, but didn’t like the idea of leaving the cookies out in the open, so I borrowed a glass lid from a large apothecary jar that is also in the kitchen……


Now, my little home-made plate stand has a permanent home on the shelf of my buffet……


I’d like to make one or two more of these plate stands, but have my bases different heights so that when arranged on a buffet table or counter, the different heights would give interest to the food…..

Do you have any DIY projects that you’d like to attempt? What’s the worst that could happen?

Have a great week…..Until next time, Judy

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