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Well, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Hope you have health, happiness and prosperity in 2014…..

Today, I’d like to share an article about an apartment in Paris that has remained, to this day, exactly as it was, over 70 years ago. “It was owned by Madame de Florian – a socialite and an actress – who fled to the South of France during the second world war, leaving everything behind. She never came back to Paris but kept on paying her rent until the day she died when she was 91”.

A Rich Woman Abandoned This Apartment In 1942. What They Just Found Inside Is Incredible.

Madame de Florian was a French socialite and actress who fled to the south of France during World War II. She kept her apartment in Paris on the Right Bank near the Opéra Garnier, though, in case she wanted to return. However, she never went back to it after the war. Since 1942, the apartment has been sitting untouched, until recently when an auctioneer entered her apartment. What he found was a time capsule, full of treasures.

The apartment was covered in dust, perfectly preserved.


All of the furniture from the time period remained just how she left it. It looks as if she was just there yesterday.


Although it seems strange, having taxidermy pieces in one’s home was once a sign of affluence.


The apartment is like a history lesson, showing what life was like during that time in Paris.


Inside, a painting by Giovanni Boldini was found, a portrait of the apartment’s owner herself Madame de Florian.


The home is not open to the public and is still owned by her estate.


The painting was sold for 2.1 million euros and the rest of the items inside of the apartment would be worth thousands as well.


Stepping into this apartment is like stepping into history.

The apartment was able to remain abandoned and untouched because Madame de Florian continued paying the rent until her death in 2010 at the age of 91. Despite paying the rent, she never returned.

Source: belloblog.com

I’m sure there must be many more such places that have never changed with the passing of time……

All the best for 2014….Until next time, Judy

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