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Well hello everyone !!!!!!

It’s been a pretty misurable weekend thus far, weather-wise…..but Monday is supposed to be just a lovely day.

Have you ever signed up for something, and then felt a bit skeptical after the fact?  I did just that a month ago.  I signed my husband and myself up for a dinner event, called the “White Effect”, held in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, put on by the Chamber of Commerce.

We have never attended before, so wasn’t sure what to expect……

I am totally in awe of the happenings of the evening!  The participation of the 700 guests was absolutely phenomenal to say the least……

The guests were totally responsible for arranging their food, either from the menus of the signature restaurants participating, or bringing your own, the table linens, dishes, silver-ware and the decor of their reserved table.  I had no idea that the tables would be decked out as though for a wedding.  JUST AMAZING……….Every single guest had to be dressed completely in white also!!!!

Us, at the B & B that we were staying in, ready to leave for the dinner, which was held at the site of the Brock Monument, in Queenston, Ontario.

Arriving at the dinner site……with our antique picnic basket, filled with the dishes, silver-ware, linen and my decor for the table….

Our table…..

Guests setting up……with the Brock Monument in the back-ground.

This table totally floored me with the stuffed white peacocks.

These are real rose petals down the center of the table.

This centre-piece was pretty awesome…..

Our boxed dinner and my husband watching the goings on……

The table with the white peacocks, had a “Gatsby” theme going on….loved the tux and top hat….

There was a live band, dancing, and fireworks…..

Eating while the sun was setting…….

Gorgeous glow of the candles, as the evening went on…..

I now can’t wait to go next year, and people I have told all want to come too…..

Sorry I felt skeptical at the beginning!  There was absolutely no need.

We set up to go to a play at the Court House Theatre, in Niagara-On-The-Lake, the next morning, found we had enough time to arrange a second play.  With a long time lapse in between show times, we decided to go to the Falls.  Once we got there, we didn’t want to just hang around and really do much of nothing, so went back on the highway and headed to the Welland Canal, something we had also never done before….

Our timing couldn’t have been better…..a freighter was coming into Lock 3, where we were able to watch from a viewing bridge.  We stayed while a second entered the lock, and left half way through waiting for a third freighter to go.  It was just a perfect way to spend the afternoon.


Have fun with trying new things, and having new adventures……..Until next time,  Judy

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