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“Spring has sprung!  The grass is riz!  I wonder where the birdies is”!  (An old boss of mine used to say this)…..

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend? 

If you live in Canada, it takes forever to get spring to come around, and when you get the first signs of it, you just want to get out there and enjoy it, and have that first BBQ, bring the patio furniture out of the garage, and get some plants happening!!!!  This past weekend, I was able to do all of these things…..YEAHHHH!!!!

Patio furniture put out…..Check

(My husband actually was the one to see this in a magazine).  Love the idea of re-using the “Pellegrino” bottles as vases…..

Bought plants….Check    Potted pansies in one of two red galvanized planters….

Plants popping up in garden….Check       Loads of tulips and muscari (grape hyacinth)…..I know this looks rather bleak right now, but if you’re a gardener in Canada, this is a long-awaited scene.



We had our first BBQ of the season with friends Saturday past, but it was still a bit cool and rather windy, so we weren’t able to eat Alfresco.  

Even though it was a BBQ, I still wanted “GLAM”….I used silver and black decor with white dishes…..

I added a bit of whimsey with this silver roller skate.  I saw it at Christmas time in the Urban Barn for $19.99, but didn’t actually buy it then.  I bought it last month on sale for $8.99, and it happened to be the last one.  So, I figure that I was meant to have it!  (The roller skate doesn’t hold any connection to my own life.  I just thought it was really cute!!!!!)

So get out there and start enjoying, and start playing in the dirt….Until next time, Judy

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