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Spring Floral Arrangement—01/04/2013

Hope everyone had a wonderful “Easter” long weekend. To beautify and ADD spring to the front of my house, for the arriving guests, I made a large floral arrangement in an antique milk can..

It snowed today, (a number of times), so the flowers were a wonderful re-inforcement that yes, Spring is really going to show itself, soon!!!!

My husband and I went to the “Canada Blooms—Toronto Spring Home Show” 2 weeks ago and it was absolutely awesome. I took many, many pictures, and would like to share some with you…

The wispy elephant grass appeared as if from a story-book, with its neon colours….

And of course…..the Ruby slippers from “OZ”

image"BLUE BLUE… BLUE SUADE SHOES" !!!!! A new purpose, if you just can’t get rid of a pair of shoes.

Very ingenious use of old shed doors as the back-drop for this landscaper’s display. I have had an old screen door in my flower bed for many years.

I’d like to voice my appreciation to the exhibiters, designers, and arrangers, for all the extremely hard work done to make the show spectacular.

Until next time……..Judy

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