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SPRING IS IN THE AIR — 14/04/2014

Image: Carpe Diem (Tumblr)
(“Spring has sprung, the grass is riz! I wonder where the birdies is”?) - This was something an old boss of mine used to say…….

Such a beautiful day, I decided to go through the car wash, (for my van!) I washed all the mats, and vacuumed the interior too! My husband always says that a washed vehicle drives better in his mind…Don’t think there’s any truth in it, but it certainly makes you feel good…..

My blog today, is about SPRING, and ideas that are out there to inspire you, make you feel HAPPY, and to just enjoy your space….

Image:Amy Clark Studios (Houzz)
“Jazz up your porch with pastel chandeliers. Why stick with traditional porch lights when you can have something so much more fun? Choose lights in a bright color (or two or three) and an unexpected shape, and your house will definitely stand out.”

Image: JC Redesigns

Image: Inspired (Tumblr)
Dress up your windows with lovely, welcoming window boxes.

Image: All Things Shabby And Beautiful (Tumblr)
Relax, and start enjoying time out in the garden.

Image:Carpe Diem (Tumblr)
Set an amazing, bright table to greet your guests. (Make a party out of every day!)

Image: Style At Home
Bright place mats and napkins are a sure-fire way of adding colour to your space.

Image: HGTV (Blue Bell Gray)
For immediate vibrancy, add lively throw pillows, and-or, purchase new drapes.

Image: Carpe Diem (Tumblr)
Pick another room to change up, with large-print floral bedding.

Image: HGTV
Paint a room in a soft colour outside your usual colour pallet.

Image: HGTV( Max Kim-Bee)
“Living Room
The roll-arm sofa once belonged to Tommy’s mom. Avery had it reupholstered in a kelly green cotton blend and added pink and green pillows. The big, cushy club chairs from a consignment shop got re-covered in floral cotton fabric from P. Kaufmann. Both the faux bamboo coffee and side tables were yard sale finds that Avery had painted White by Benjamin Moore in a high-gloss finish—her go-to white for furniture.”

One of the least expensive ways of bringing SPRING into your home, is to buy flowers and place them in vases that are either grouped together in multiples, or as one spectacular display in a strategic, welcoming place…..

Image: Apartment Theropy
There’s something about flowers. They have a certain magic I can’t quite explain — having them around just makes everything a little better. If this neverending winter has got you down, why not bring some flowers into your home for a little almost-spring pick-me-up? And while you’re at it, try one of these creative ideas for arranging flowers that even a novice can master.

Above: I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I am really, really terrible at arranging flowers. That’s why I love this idea from Peaches and Mint — a profusion of spring blossoms, each in its own small vase. Grouping the vases together on a tray gives the effect of a flower arrangement, but still allows each bloom to shine. Perfection."

I truly love this! On a long table, set for many, I have used individual small vases, instead of one large one. It spreads the “prettiness” down the length for the enjoyment of all!!!!!

Image:Carpe Diem (Tumblr)

I love forsythia! It was one of the first to bloom in spring, and the yellow flowers brighten up any corner.

Image: The Marion House Book

Forsythia is very easy to force the blooms. All you have to do is cut from the bush, and place in warm water. It shouldn’t take too long for the buds to start opening.

Image:Inspired Design (Tumblr)
All I can say for this arrangement is "SOOOOOO PRETTY……"

Image: Style At Home
Talia vases are perfect for taller sprigs. Love the “Chambray” effect. Place them on a side table, a little corner that needs brightening up, or in the entrance-way as a lovely welcome.

Image: Carpe Diem (Tumblr)

Love the use of the vintage-looking jar. The “Old Times Orange” marmalade label harmonizes with the brilliant orange colour of the peonies.

I hope each of you gets even just a spark of inspiration, be it with adding decor, or just adding flowers.

Enjoy the beginnings of “Spring”, and also, the long Easter weekend coming up………..Until next time, Judy
(P.S. I have crocuses up in the garden, even though 3/4’s of it is still covered in snow…….Yeahhhhh!!!)

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