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River Cruise — “Vineyards Of The Rhine & Mosel” (PART 1) 4/08/2014

Well hello everyone!!! Hope you’re all enjoying the long August weekend?
My husband and I just came back from a European river cruise 2 weeks ago. (Did you miss me?) It was absolutely amazing! We started out in Amsterdam, then Cologne, Rudesheim, Maintz, Koblenz, Cochem, Bernkastel, Remich to Luxembourg City, and then took the fast train to Paris……where we had 3 wonderful nights before returning home….
I’ll show you only a few pictures of the 4 and a half memory cards I took.


This was our boat waiting for our arrival, and you can see a HUGE cruise ship docked behind us. Our boat held 146 passengers. Never having done a cruise of any kind before, we felt we wanted to do the river cruise first, (and we weren’t sorry!) We wanted to see more of the cities and small villages, and not open seas….

Did you know that the population of Amsterdam, (central) is roughly 800,000 and the number of bicycles is about 2,000,000. People will often have 2 bicycles, one at each end of their train-ride to work and home.

Driving by the Royal Palace…

Now moving on to Cologne…….We set sail at 2:00pm on the Rhine, so were able to see the locks and castles and villages. Our cruise manager gave commentary as we traveled. We sailed over night.


The Cathedral of Cologne — was built to house the reputed relics of the three kings (Magi), and was the tallest building in Europe until the Eiffel Tower in Paris…

As we were pulling away from the dock in Cologne, a heavy fog totally shrouded the spires of the Cathedral, giving it a very eerie “Gotham City” appearance.
Heading to Rudesheim…..
Villages and castles pass us by…..

This is a bronze statue of “LORELEI”,

"Original folklore and the creation of the modern myth…
The rock and the murmur it creates have inspired various tales. An old legend envisioned dwarves living in caves in the rock.

In 1801, German author Clemens Brentano composed his ballad Zu Bacharach am Rheine as part of a fragmentary continuation of his novel Godwi oder Das steinerne Bild der Mutter. It first told the story of an enchanting female associated with the rock. In the poem, the beautiful Lore Lay, betrayed by her sweetheart, is accused of bewitching men and causing their death. Rather than sentence her to death, the bishop consigns her to a nunnery. On the way thereto, accompanied by three knights, she comes to the Lorelei rock. She asks permission to climb it and view the Rhine once again. She does so and falls to her death; the rock still retained an echo of her name afterwards. Brentano had taken inspiration from Ovid and the Echo myth.”

When vessels wished usage of the river, they had to pay a tax to the lord of the castle, otherwise they couldn’t carry on with their voyage. (This was the only castle we saw right in the river).

And, of course there are the vineyards of the Rhine……

Now, we arrive in Rudesheim, and take an excursion to Heidelberg Castle…


The ruins of Heidelberg Castle looking out over the old town and the pretty Neckar River. Heidelberg is a romantic city dominated by the ruins and renowned for its university, the oldest in Germany.

This street is known as the “Haupstrasse”, one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Germany.

Heidelberg is also known as the city of geraniums…….

We have now come about half way along our journey, and board the boat to sail onto Koblenz. 
This is where I shall leave you with my pictures thus far, and will carry on with Koblenz, Cochem, Bernkastel, Luxembourg and our arrival in Paris.

Have a great week!!! Hope you have enjoyed the weekend…..Until next time…..Judy

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