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River Cruise — “Vineyards Of The Rhine & Mosel” (Part 2)

Hello everyone…(A bit of a time lapse from my last post. I do appologize, but other responsibilities took over my time).
Anyway, I do hope that you have enjoyed your summer. I can’t believe it’s over and we are now into the fall season.

In my last post, River Cruise — “Vineyards Of The Rhine & Mosel” (Part 1), we had travelled through Amsterdam and Cologne. ( I erroneously posted pictures of Heidelburg Castle, but in actual fact, we hadn’t arrived there yet). We now head to the city of Rudesheim.

Deutches Ec, Koblenz, Germany 
Deutches Eck, Koblenz, © Jo Chambers - Fotolia.com

Things to see and do in Rudesheim:

Rhine River day cruise to Koblenz on a KD Rhine Pass. The Upper Rhine is a classic area for river cruising, as described above.

Chairlift to the Niederwald Monument for views over the Rhine. The monument was built in the lat 1800s to recognize the re-establishment of the German Empire.

Wander the pedestrian-only Drosselgasse and try one of the many restaurants and bars.

Siegfried’s Mechanical Instrument Museum”

We did the tour of the “Niederwald Monument”, taking the gondola ride up, and “Siegfried”s Mechanical Instrument Museum”, but unfortuneately, I have deleted the pictures from the camera chip and still have to install a program that will retrieve them……

Because my pictures are temporarily miss-placed, I shall jump to the city of Maintz. (Maintz is the capital of the German state Rhineland-Palantinate, but also an important city in Germany for the publishing and media industries…..Is also famous for the Gutenberg Museum. The first European books printed using Gutenberg’s moveable type were manufactured here. 
This is actually where we took a coach to the city of Heidelberg and toured Heidelberg Castle, (see previous post for pictures of the castle)

Looking down on the old city of Heidelberg from the castle…

Looking back up at the elevation of the ruins….

(Thought these two bikes were the sweetest looking things……
We are heading back to the boat for Cochem.

Typical sight from the sundeck of the boat…..loads and loads of castles along the shoreline.

Entering one of about 23 locks that we had to go through.

On a staircase looking at the cobbled streets of Cochem and Reichsburg Castle perched on the hill beyond.

Reichsburg Castle.

The beautiful half timber buildings of the village.

Back on boat and heading for Bernkastel and then Luxembourg.

Bernkastel also has half timber architecture.

Had a wine tasting in “Dr. Pauly" winery.

On to Luxembourg, where we will transfer to the fast train, heading straight for Paris.

The Royal Palace in Luxembourg.

This is the “Luxembourg American Cemetary and Memorial" where there are 5,076 American military who lost their lives in the service of their country. General Patton, commander of Third U.S. Army, lies looking over the graves area.

Took fast train on to PARIS !!!!!!
It was Bastille Day when we arrived, so major fireworks displays were planned for….

I actually stood in the middle of the bridge for this shot.

Notre Dame Cathedral.

Inside the “Musee D’Orsay”. It was first constructed as a railway station for the 1900 World’s Fair.

This is looking at the museum from yet another cruise boat on the Seine River. (This was one of our tour options once in Paris. Much smaller than the cruise line we sailed with).

This whole trip was absolutely amazing, ( a trip of a lifetime), and I would do it again in a hearbeat! ( Maybe different rivers though)!

Time to start getting out your pumpkins and fall decor….

Hope you have some wonderful trips in the works?
Have a great week!!! Until next time…Judy

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