Revamping Galvanized Canisters --July 15/2013

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Revamping Galvanized Canisters --July 15/2013

Re-vamping Galvanized Canisters — July 15/2013

IT’S HOT! HOT! HOT out there, so stay COOL……
I’m writing today, about changing up, or RE-VAMPING galvanized canisters.
I have a set of three that I wanted to use out in the garden with flower pots placed inside each of them, but I didn’t really like the galvanized finish. I did however, have “canary yellow” paint left over from previous projects….so it was time to get out the paint and brushes….

I needed to put drain holes in the bottom of each canister so that the plants wouldn’t flood themselves when watered. Very easy to do with a hammer and a large nail……

This was repeated on all three bottoms.

One of the canisters was much larger and was too deep to place the plant pot inside. I needed to elevate the plant so that it wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the canister, so came up with the idea of cutting a plastice “Coke” bottle to fit inside, raising the plant up and out of the canister.

Here are the canisters painted a lovely bright canary yellow….

I love the look of Lobelia in a pot, so I chose a dark blue for one. The other two, I chose “Wave Petunias”, so that they would cascade out of the canisters…..a dark purple was used for these.

The Lobelia canister is hanging from a maple tree trunk. We had to cut the tree, as it was getting way too large, and was actually touching the back of the house.

The Petunia canisters were hung from hooks that were used for Hummingbird feeders, but I think the birds prefer to go to the flowers rather than the feeders, so the hooks needed something hanging from them.

Love the purple and yellow combination!!!!

AND… the two Petunia pots on the same fence…..

Don’t be afraid to bring in more colour to your garden, other than just the flowers. Bring in an element of the un-expected….

So, happy gardening! Happy summer!

Until next time……..Judy

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