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Well, Thanks-giving has come and gone. Hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend with family and friends. The weather even co-operated, (for the most part).

Have you ever found an object from a thrift store or a garage sale, and just know what you are going to do with it even though your idea is totally "out of the box". Well, I have, over and over again! My find this time, was a small corner cupboard that I found in a thrift store….I think I paid $3.00 for it. There were crayon markings on the inside, so I’m thinking it was in a child’s bedroom or playroom….

This is what it looked like when I brought it home…..

I had already taken the door off and started painting it before I took the pictures. (Oh well, you get the idea).

The finished louver door….

I bought it to go out in the garden somewhere, but wasn’t totally sure where.

I painted the inside and outside with exterior white paint. The small shelves inside, a red, the door a deep turquoise with yellow on the louvers. My previous post on the “brass chandelier make-over”, will explain my colour choices.

And this is the finished CORNER CUPBOARD

I had two small clay birds that fit perfectly on the little shelves inside. I also had two red glass candle holders.

I decided to hang it in a tree….

I left it hanging in the tree for a week or so, then decided to remove it and place it on top of an antique milk can. I did tether the shelf to a branch to save it from falling because of animals or wind…

On top of the milk can

I think it’s rather cute, and a great way of repurposing!!!!
Have fun thinking of ways to re-use your things. It certainly doesn’t need to be what it was intended for.

We’ll have to wait and see where it ends up next year!

Have a wonderful week…..Until next time, Judy

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