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Hello everyone,
Well, the month of August and the summer of 2013 are both coming to an end…..(Make it stop!!!! Make it stop!!!!) The whole summer has gone so extremely quickly…..

Today, I am writing about a REDESIGN CONSULT I did for a client for her master bedroom. She required my services to help her with COLOUR, FURNITURE PLACEMENT, and to make the room LIGHT AND AIRY…….
We sat down together, and discussed what she wanted to see changed in the room. Her own ideas on how she saw the finished room in her eyes. Her likes and dislikes. What was staying and what was going.
I took measurements of the room and of the furniture. As all the pieces were beingre-used, I had to see if another floor plan would work in the space…..
I did make two floor plans, but the original layout of the furniture worked best, optimizing every inch of floor space in the room.

Here are some "BEFORE" pictures of the master bedroom in question:

The navy is very dark in the room, so this was my first recommendation to change.

Decluttering was another HUGE recommendation….

A collection of family pictures and mementos are clustered together on a very “COUNTRY” shelf. (To make the decor more modern, I recommended that the shelf be changed for something less Country).

Mrs. Osborne did the Redesign on her own, from the recommendations that we had discussed together, and I feel that she did a FINE job….I’m very proud of all her efforts!!!! She now has her LIGHT AND AIRY master bedroom…….

The wall colour she chose, ties in with the taupe shade in the comforter. (This was a SAFE colour choice for Mrs. Osborne, as she was apprehensive about using a bold colour on the walls. I then recommended she add colour to the room with her accessories….
I gave her pictures of rooms using the taupe as the main colour and accenting with bright green, turquoise, even orange and turquoise). She chose a deep teal blue…..
She placed a lovely black metal wall hanging over the bed, and then tied the black together by framing her family pictures in black, and displayed them on black MODERN shelving, giving the room continuity….

The room now looks so much brighter with the dark navy walls gone.

I did suggest painting the blanket box at the end of the bed, a turquoise colour to break up the set of furniture, but Mrs Osborne wouldn’t go for it…
Another suggestion I made, was to use a glaze behind the bed, making large 4” stripes of glaze and then straight paint. Depending on the angle that you are looking, you would be able to see the stripes, but there would be no colour difference, just the shine of the glaze.

I would have liked to have seen coloured drapes on each side of the window, to frame it and add texture and colour. Another small recommendation was to have larger scale lamps on the night tables. These are a little small.

Have a great week…..Until next time, Judy

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