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Hi everybody! Well, it’s almost the 1st of July, (in Canada), and almost the 4th of July, (in the U.S.) Do you have any fabulous activities planned for your long weekend. I’m going to be catching up with my husband, who is already in Chicago, doing a trade show, from Wednesday until Saturday afternoon. I fly out of Toronto very, very early on Saturday morning. Looking forward to the trip, as I have never been to Chicago. We have booked a 90 minute river cruise for the Sunday morning, and then we’ll hook up with a volunteer guide for another hour, after the cruise. We’ll be able to watch fire-works on Saturday evening at the Navy Pier. We arrive home on the Monday afternoon, and then my niece, (with triplet 16 yr olds, 2 girls and 1 boy), arrive from Ottawa for an over-night visit.
Actually, my husband and I are only home for a week, and then we head to Europe for a River Cruise for 12 days. We’ll start out in Amsterdam, and end up in Paris for 3 nights. CAN’T WAIT!!!!! I’m so excited. We were attempting to go last year, but everything was already sold out by the time we started booking.

Anywhooooo, enough about my travels, and on to my blog for today…….

I went garage-saling with two girl-friends a couple of weeks ago…found a few things, but what thrilled me the most was a pine crate at one house, that I got absolutely FREE . The owner said he’d even help us put it in the back of our truck. (We were able to do it ourselves though).
When we loaded it into the truck, I wasn’t even sure what I would use it for, or where it would go, BUT it was FREE!!!!!!!
It needed a new set of casters, as one was missing, and one was broken. The lid also required some repair work……

The one plank just needed to be re-screwed, and there were some missing on other boards.

It needed a good vacuuming on the inside, and now I have about 30 pennies that I don’t know what to do with, as we don’t use pennies anymore in Canada.
I gave the whole crate one coat of varnish for good measure, but it really brought out the colours of the wood.

I also painted the latch and the hinges a flat black to compliment the handles and the casters.

My new set of casters cost me $11.92 for the 4, in Home Depot, and the vintage-looking handles were $13.12 for the 2, also from Home Depot.

I got the old casters and housings completely off and screwed the new ones over the holes.

I mounted the handles on each side of the crate.

It was a quick and easy project, and I’m pleased with the way it turned out……I’m thinking of asking my oldest son if he’d like it as a coffee table, (even though he has one). It would be perfect for storing all his movies and Ex-box games, as well as a table. (He’s just moved into his first house).
"THINK OUT-SIDE the BOX" when you see something that inspires you, but may need a little TLC…….

Well, have just an absolutely fabulous long weekend! Have fun!!!! 
Until next time……Judy

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