RE-USE, RE-INVENT -- 17/04/13

Posted by Judith Cholfe on Monday, November 4, 2013 Under: Repurposing

RE-USE, RE-INVENT -- 17/04/13

RE-USE, RE-INVENT—17/04/2013

Hello everyone!
Well, my crocuses survived the heavy ice storm we had on Friday. I hope your gardens have lived through it also…..

Today’s story is about re-using and re-inventing the purpose of items you have…

It all started with my “Easter” table setting…The accessories were predominately silver, and I wanted a vase for the flowers also in silver. However, I didn’t have one.
I decided to wander the house to see if there was something I could use.
I had a smaller scale stainless steel ice bucket, (that was actually already re-purposed as a kitchen utencil holder)…..So I emptied the bucket of it’s contents.

Bucket emptied….

It made a fabulous vase for the tulips, and complimented the rest of the table setting.

Now that the dining table was taken care of, I had created another dilema of the utencils lying on the counter. So, again shopped my home for a vessel to become a new utencil holder…..My quest was two-fold. It had to be both aesthetically compatible with the rest of the kitchen, and be big enough to house the utencils so that they wouldn’t fall out.

What I did find that would work, was a stainless steel tissue box cover.

It didn’t fit the decor in the bedroom where it was anyway!
So I turned it up-side down…

It was just what I needed!!!! The finish is a brushed stainless steel which co-ordinates perfectly with the brushed stainless appliances. A much better fit than the high-gloss ice bucket.

Now, the “TISSUE BOX” has a permanent home in the kitchen, (not as a tissue box), and the “ICE BUCKET” will be used again as an ice bucket, or a vase, OR…………..

Just because something was made for one purpose, does not mean it for-ever has to be used for that purpose. Have fun with your things, and you may find it’s perfect for another use. RE-USE, RE-INVENT!!!!!

Until next time……Judy

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