Metal Bench -- BEFORE AND AFTER -- 10/09/2013

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Metal Bench -- BEFORE AND AFTER -- 10/09/2013

Metal Bench “BEFORE” and “AFTER” — 10/09/13

Today, we are really, really back into the summer temperatures….STAY COOL!!!!!!

My blog today, is about re-vamping a sweet metal bench. It was one of those perfect finds in a second-hand shop. It just jumped out at me the minute I entered the store with my Father. He saw it the very same time I did, so bought it for me as his present for my birthday.
We both knew it needed a paint job and re-upholstery work, but was nothing I couldn’t tackle…..


The previous owners had customized it to suit their decor in a country blue, with the same colour for the cushion….I chose a lovely red material with small yellow diamond shapes, to co-inside with my existing chairs and table on the front porch…..

I removed the cushion, by unscrewing the screws on the underside. I left the blue material attached and re-covered the cushion with the red canvas material that I had bought, using a staple gun….

I was able to get this one piece of canvas in the red, in Walmart. They have a very small sewing area now, but do carry precut pieces of materials for crafts, quilting, etc….

This was, as luck would have it, the only piece of canvas in red….YEAHHHH FOR ME!
There is a Fabricland, but a bit of a distance…I just wanted to get the material quick so I could start my project…..(I just love doing projects, don’t you)?

I bought white spray paint, and covered over the country blue with 3 coats…….


It just tucked perfectly between the post supports on the front verandah.

This is what it looks like with the rest of the furniture and colouring….

I love my new little bench. I hope that if you see something you really, really like, don’t NOT get it because it needs a bit of work. Ask someone else if you’re unsure of how to change it up.

Have an absolutely wonderful week…..Until next time, Judy

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