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Hi everybody! Hope you had a great ST. PATTIE’S Day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t involved in any of the festivities going on…….

A quick DIY project for a cold Saturday…..

Have you ever had clothing or material that you were thinking of giving to a thrift store, or were just going to throw away. Well, I had a skirt that was on its way out the door to a thrift store. On looking at the skirt colour and pattern, it was very, very similar to my son’s girl-friend’s duvet. I rescued it from the garbage bag that was packed and ready to be picked up, and decided that I could give the skirt a new life. I figured that I could cover some cusions to go on the bed in my son’s apartment…..

This is the skirt intact before I cut it in pieces…..

These are a couple of cusions I picked up for the re-covering job…..

The ribbon around the hem line of the skirt I wanted as it was, to make the top edge of the covered cusion. The ribbon at the waist, I sewed in the same position on the bottom edge…..

You can’t see the under-side of the cusion, but it matches the top….

I only wanted the leopard print covered on the above cusion, so had to work a few pieces together to fit, and sewed this one by hand. (The material is actually a cream colour, and not white).
I had enough black ribbon left to make a center line, covering the seam where I had to join two pieces., and also, to make the little bow. The copper buttons I already had in my button box stash…..

The scrap of material next to the cusions, is all I had left over…..

I placed them on a spare bed to take a picture, but the duvet I made them for, is almost identical to the pattern on the cusions….

I haven’t given them to my son and his girl-friend yet, but I hope they like them. (Maybe a little too girlie, but that’s what happens when you decide to live with a girl).

Have a great week….Until next time, Judy

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