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HAPPY TUESDAY to you all!!!! Another weekend has come and gone!

Today is picture hanging day on the blog……….

There are many ways that you can hang your artwork. You can hang it as a gallery, alligning them perfectly, (symmetrical arrangement)……


Hanging this grouping vertically up the wall above the fireplace, draws your eye up-ward, giving the illusion of very high ceilings.


Hanging pictures in a symmetrical arrangement gives it more formality. These floral prints go well with the traditional style of the space.


The pictures hung above the bed in a straight line, follow the horizontal lines of the bed. Totally love the vintage black and whites covering the mirrors…..


This individual arrangment is centered above the fireplace, but has to be large enough for the size of the wall it is hung on, (otherwise, the scale will be wrong). This one is totally flanked by symmetrical accessories, (sconces, lamps and tables), — a mirror image from one side to the other…..


An individual picture does not have to be centered…Because of the slope of the ceiling, this picture was shifted to the right and almost looks like a window, but the height of the desk lamp fills any void that off-setting the picture created.


The very formal asymmetrical layout of these pictures harmonizes with the formal architecture of the room. Again, your eye is drawn up to the full height. The frames are all similar in colour and weight, with a couple that are different to create visual interest. The large blue one in the centre is accented nicely with the blue of the tray and the floral arrangement on the coffee table. The mats in the frames have also been kept in a similar colour, making everything very cohesive.


Artwork is not always a picture or painting….it can be an object that means something to you.


One more example of artwork, (asymmetrical), but not a picture…..a beautiful way to display a wonderful collection.


Love the over-sized vintage compass…this home office space is nicely balanced.


This is just a cool, fun eye-catching gallery above the hall bench, (asymmetrical). The frames have been painted similar colour tones to give it uniformity, as each piece is so different. The cusions in the same tones, tie the whole vignette together.


This asymmectrical arrangement enhances the line of the stair-case wall, and the colours are in keeping with the furniture and room colours. Nice way to accentuate an otherwise “dead” corner in the room.


An entranceway is a great space to add some glam and visual interest….This was certainly accomplished here!!!!!!!

You also don’t want to hang your artwork too high or too low. 
Barbara Benker Pilchner — a stager/blogger, brought in a Feng-Shui article about how high or low you should be hanging your pictures…..
“It’s the little things that make a big difference.”
Picture-Hanging With Feng Shui: Draw The Line Between Heaven & Earth


Artwork is not always “hung”. It can be strategically placed on a shelf around the perimeter of the room, especially if the ceiling height is lower.


Another great way to put artwork into your space, and display all your family pictures, is to use a shelving unit, or have custom shelves made to house your collection.

"APARTMENT THEROPY" put together a fabulous article on hanging pictures…..
Re-Thinking the Gallery Wall: 8 More Funky & Fun Ideas

And another from “APARTMENT THEROPY” — How To Hang Your Artwork And Not Screw It Up.

A house just isn’t a home until you decorate and hang pictures….Lowe’s made a video on YouTube for picture hanging….showing how to hang artwork on just about any surface in your home.

Have a look at the picture hanging board from Pinterest

Artwork is a very personal thing. The pieces you choose. The way you display it. The main thing is to have it enhance your decor and life-style.

Have fun hanging…..Until next time…..Judy.

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