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It’s already the middle of September……"My! How Time Flies…."

I thought I would show you a funny little ghost craft for HALLOWEEN, since it’s not that far away…..
It’s VERY, VERY easy to do, and doesn’t require much in the way of materials.

I used your basic white kitchen garbage bag, (CLEAN, OF COURSE), a small battery-operated lamp, or a solar lamp that has been powered up, a black felt marker, (permanent because it may rain when you have them outside. IT SEEMS TO ALWAYS RAIN ON HALLOWEEN!!!!), and also, an empty hanging plant basket. As the flower season is on its last legs, dump out your dying, or already dead, plants and wash out the pots and keep them until you’re set to make your ghosts……..

I drew a basic “GHOST” face on the bag, inserted the lamp, with a piece of cord exposed through the opening I made in the centre of the seamed end. This is one way of doing it, or you can place the lamp inside the hanging pot and hang it in a tree. Having the lamp inside the pot doesn’t give you as much light shining through though. If the lamps are solar-powered, they need to be fully charged.

This is what the finished ghost looks like……

This was a test run, to see what they would look like. It’s hanging on the chandelier in the kitchen, but didn’t stay there, even though you can hang them inside. (Be great if you’re having a party….)

Now, hung in a slightly darker room……..I had a dozen of these hung all over the place outside…….


Even though my two boys are gone, I still decorate for Halloween and every other occasion. On Halloween especially, I have people come specifically to my house to see how I decorated it…..YOU HAVE TO HAVE FUN IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!! Enjoyment comes in different ways to different people, mine is enjoying even the simplest of things, one of which is decorating depending on the occasion at hand…….

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend……Until next time, Judy

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