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Well hello to all…Hope the summer is seeing you well?

Had a bit of a hot spell there a few days ago.  Had to attend a wedding right in the middle of the heat, and the premises was not air conditioned….Beautiful wedding though!  It was held at a very unlikely spot…Drysdale”s Tree Farm, in Essa, Ontario.   Such a beautiful setting.  The ceremony was on site, and a small train took all the guests to the secluded spot.  Park benches are a permanent fixture.

Got to see some old friends too!!

Speaking of weddings……one of the “Back In Time” happenings was actually my wedding anniversary…(30 absolutely wonderful years).

My husband decided that it was such a momentous occasion, he chose to take the day off work so that we could spend it together….

We had no definite plans before-hand, but wanted to do soemthing quite different, so it bacame an exploring day!!!! Thus, the 2nd “Back In Time” happening…….

A trip we have never made, was going to “Discovery Harbour”, In Penetanguishene, Ontario

Discovery Harbour is now a naval and military museum of the war of 1812. 

Discovery Harbour is home port for two large replica historic ships and a fine collection of smaller vessels. 

H.M.S. Bee: a supply schooner

H.M.S. Bee is a full-scale replica of her namesake, and an honourary British Navy ship. At 79 feet long, H.M.S.Bee represents the original supply schooners (Bee,

 H.M.S. Bee: a supply schoonerH.M.S. Bee is a full-scale replica of her namesake, and an honourary British Navy ship. At 79 feet long, H.M.S.Bee represents the original supply schooners (Bee,Mosquito, and Wasp) stationed at the Penetanguishene Naval Establishment from 1817 to 1831.The original Beewas built in Nottawasaga. It ferried goods and men between the Nottawasaga depot and Penetanguishene, and made occasional trips to the Northwest.While the replica H.M.S. Bee is built from both modern and traditional materials, her appearance closely matches the original. Frames are built of fir, stanchions of oak, and deck beams and spars of pine. The frames are covered with a fibreglass laminate structure, and the outside layer resembles traditional planking. Standing and running rigging uses natural fibre rope and modern materials.The Bee flies a total of six sails (main, foresail, jib, flying jib, gaff-topsail, and staysail) and has modern navigation and safety equipment. The ship is moored at the King’s Wharf and can be visited as part of site admission.Vessel Type: Gaff Topsail Schooner
Overall Length: 79 ft.
Length on Deck: 49 ft.
Beam: 15 ft.
Draft: 5 ft.
Displacement: 30.5 Tonnes
Sail Area: 1,275 Square Feet 

H.M.S. Tecumseth: a warship

The warship H.M.S. Tecumseth is a 124-foot replica. The original was built in Chippewa in 1815 and transferred to the Penetanguishene Naval Establishment in 1817. One of two warships at Penetanguishene, the original Tecumseth eventually rotted, and was reported sunk by 1828.

The hull of today’s replica vessel was constructed in St. Thomas in 1991, with spars, rigging and interior work done by volunteers and staff at Discovery Harbour. H.M.S. Tecumseth is also an honourary British Navy ship, reinstated when she was commissioned in 1994. This impressive vessel can be visited as part of site admission.

Vessel Type: Topsail Schooner
Overall Length: 124 ft.
Length on Deck: 70 ft.
Beam: 24 ft.
Draft: 8 ft.
Displacement: 150 Tonnes
Sail Area: 4,700 Square Feet

Students wear peroid dress……..

We spent a number of hours roaming the site……If you’re interested in history of any kind,..this is a great place to start….

So, there you have it….”Going Back In Time–Twice in One Day”

Have fun with trying new things, and having new adventures……..Until next time,  Judy

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