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Well, hello!!!!  How is everyone?

Winter is certainly coming, but there have, and still are days where the temperature is not a “Winter’s Coming” indication.  We have been very lucky in that regard!

Have you ever been gifted furniture by family, that is really not to your taste?  Years ago, my in-laws down-sized and gave us this dining-room suite.  (It is absolutely not a style that I would have willingly purchased myself!)  Over time, I have taken parts of it to the local thrift store.  The buffet is gone.  The six dining chairs are now gone also…..

(image: google  

My chairs looked very similar to these…..cain backed, gold velour covered with plastic,  (really nice).

However,  I do still have the dining table, only because it expands to seat 10 to 12 people quite comfortably…

GONE….is the buffet, and replaced with this pretty cream cupboard that my husband and 2 sons purchased, (a surprise Christmas present)…

This is how the table looked a short while ago, but I really wanted a change.  I decided to chaulk paint the top only, leaving the legs the finished wood….(I did some research before painting, and all of the images I saw, were either of the legs painted, or there were a couple with the whole table painted.  I never found images where just the top was painted…guess I will be ORIGINAL)….

This is the first coat of cream coloured chaulk paint…..

I did 2 coats of the paint and then rubbed over the surface with a light wax.  I distressed the edge around the table to give it some contrast, and ended up matching the cupboard perfectly….Yeahhh!!!   I then, had to decide how I wanted to dress the table…

(This tray is also chaulk paint with upholstery tacks around the perimeter).  I did not like the colour combination on the table.  It looked too washed out now…..

Now, I tried a brown lacquered tray.  Did not like this appearance either. My table runner, that looked nice with the dark table before, was too pale on the pale table top…

I went to Pier 1 because they always stock runners that are glammed up. Found this one….

I tried to work with the rust colour of the two glass candle holders….

I am really happy with the bright rust colour of the runner.  It was just what I needed against the cream table…..

As you can see, the room has been changed out also…The pictures were replaced with English Hunt pictures, (see my previous blog about those,here) One of the cream side tables has been replaced with this sweet bar cart.  A total SCORE at $5.00 in a garage sale.  The girl I bought it from, said the cart had belonged to her Grand-mother, so I said I would give it a good home!  

Just a great VINTAGE piece.  I was thinking of giving it to my younger son and his fiance, but changed my mind once it came into my own house…(Sorry kids).

A picture of the top shelf showing the floral motif etched on the glass, (very Mad Men…..).  It is also on casters.  It is a keeper……

So, if you are given, or handed down something that is not to your taste, but love the utalitarian aspect of it, keep it, but make changes to suit your lifestyle and decor…..

Happy re-finishing, re-purposing, re-loving….Until next time, Judy

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