Family Room Before and After -- 02/09/2013

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Family Room Before and After -- 02/09/2013

Family Room Before and After — 02/09/2013

The summer has come to an end for all the children. They are back at school after a VERY SHORT SUMMER!!! I have volunteered at a local school to read to the children once or twice a week. I’m looking forward to spending time with them. I hope to be with the very young ones. I’ll find out in a week or two….. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend?

This week’s topic is of a family room “BEFORE” and “AFTER”.

This is the BEFORE

While the room was a lovely, sunny yellow, it was time for an up-date with the decor. The drapes and valances were from another era, and the accessories needed some changing out……(and some THINNING OUT). There’s too much “stuff” in the room, especially at the patio door, the fireplace mantel and floor area.
There was also wall-to-wall carpet on the floor.

The room looks out onto a wooded area at the back, so having the deck accessible from the family room is wonderful for stepping outside and enjoying the view.
The fireplace was done in a lovely “ANGEL-STONE” finish which still looks as perfect as it did on the install 25 years ago. Instead of taking up a large wall that was needed for the sofa placement, the fireplace was angled in the corner, but still remains a focal point in the room.

The owner had a collection of wooden sleighs on a narrow wall at the entrance-way to the family room, and they remained there all year round. 
It’s funny how collections start in the first place…..Apparently, the very first sleigh was purchased at a craft show that the owner was participating in as a vendor — saw the sleigh at another vendor’s booth, and thus, a collection was born…..

This is the “AFTER”

One of the biggest transformations was taking out the carpet and replacing it with hardwood flooring. An area rug was positioned in front of the sofa and love-seat, anchoring the room, and also giving it a cozier feel.
The room was painted what I call a HAPPY green. It’s Behr #410-D, “Asparagus”.
The drapes were custom-made with canvas material for outside use. The pattern and colour were exactly what I was looking for, and because it’s for patio furniture, it won’t fade out so quickly hanging in the bright sun at the patio door-way.

Some of the existing artwork was changed, but all the furniture was re-used in the room. The lamps were also re-used, but new over-sized bright white shades replaced the burgundy ones, as they were too small in scale for the room, plus, dated in style. (Just by changing the shades on your lamps is a very easy and economical way of giving your space an up-date).
The collection of wooden sleighs was removed and hung on another wall in a basement rec room. A set of brass wall sconces and a gold coloured star burst mirror were hung on the narrow entrance-way wall.

This bench was a new piece that was added to the room. There were two very heavy pine shelves on this wall previously, housing yet another collection of brass trinkets and family photos. The bench works great for family gatherings, giving extra seating. Cushions were made from the drapery material, making the room more cohesive.

The fireplace mantel display was “THINNED OUT”, and some antique wooden tools were placed on the hearth.

The two end tables were purchased new, but they are not identical in style. However, they are the same colour.

Pieces don’t have to be bought in complete sets.

By purchasing different styles of end tables gives originality to the room, and not a "COOKIE CUTTER" feel. I lucked in when I was sourcing for the end tables. I found these together at Winners, and knew they were going to fit into the space perfectly both in size and in colour…….

Have a great week…Until next time, Judy

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