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Well, hello! Happy, happy Monday to everyone. Hope the weekend was just fabulous for you…..
I’m still dying to get out in my garden to plant more bulbs, but alas, that won’t be happening in the near future for me, as I still have a foot of snow on the lawn. But if we keep up with the temperatures of Sunday, we’ll be there in no time. However, I did do my first B-B-Q of the season last night. YEAHHHHH!!! Our B-B-Q is on the deck, which is completely void of snow…..

Today’s blog is an article I read in our local newspaper over the weekend, and is something I think would interest many that have had this situation happen to them.
It is regarding door-to-door sales people introducing themselves as sales reps from your local utilities, stating that your hot water tank or furnace will need replacing……..

Here is the article as follows:
Consumer Information

"Knock knock. Beware. Why Door-to-Door Sales
Are Not for HVAC Equipment

Think it’s safe to buy heating or cooling equipment from a door-to-door salesperson? Think again.
Thousands of Canadians get taken in each year by unscrupulous
salespeople coming to their door selling everything from hot water tanks
to new furnaces. They say they’re from a legitimate business or utility
company and seem to have all the bells and whistles – a name-tag, an
official-looking clipboard. But in fact they are attempting to persuade
unsuspecting homeowners to buy products they don’t need, and at an
inflated price.
Sad thing is, they’re very convincing. They might tell you your furnace is
outdated, against code, dangerous even, or that you are being over-billed.
They aim to frighten, and in some cases convince people to sign into multi-year rental or payment schemes that
are impossible to get out of.
“These salespeople are misrepresenting themselves and they are very belligerent and very aggressive,” notes
Nancy McKeraghan of Newmarket-based Canco ClimateCare. “We had one customer who was paying $29 a month to
rent a thermostat, when a good programmable thermostat, installed, costs around $150!”
You can protect yourself by checking to see if the seller has a well-marked vehicle and asking for proper
identification. Ask them to leave their business card, and advise them you will contact them at a later date once
you’ve done your due diligence. If they insist the offer is limited to that moment, this should set off warning bells.
And never, ever, let them into your home unless arranged in advance, once their credentials have been assessed.
Utility companies and respected heating and AC suppliers rarely sell door-to-door. Similarly, if a utility is servicing
an area, it will inform residents in advance, and never ask to see a bill as it already has that information on file.
When buying or renting a water heater, furnace or air conditioner, do it from a trusted store or through a licensed
contractor. Make sure you have plenty of time – days even – to review the product information, the options and,
most importantly, the fine print.
If you want to buy something at your door, best to stick to Girl Guide cookies and other small purchases.
For more consumer tips and information, visit for information on how to
locate a qualified contractor in your area,
(The Innisfil Examiner Friday, March 28,2014)

I have had my door knocked on many times with someone wanting to look at my last hydro bill, or physically have a look at my furnace or hot water tank. I haven’t let them do either one. In today’s world, as a home-owner, you have to be leery of who you trust. (That’s a little difficult for me, as I grew up in a small town atmosphere where we spoke to any and every-one, and never thought they would be untrustworthy. You just assumed they were really there to help. Plus, it takes me awhile to see the bad side of people. I take them at “face value”).

Well, have a great week and be cautious at your front door…Until next time…..Regards, Judy
Hope you’re starting to SEE spring in the air……..

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