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Thanks-giving is almost upon us. Get your turkey stuffed, the potatoes mashed, and the apple pies baked…….

Today’s blog is about how you can use your creative thoughts to rectify a simple kitchen dilemma…

My husband, (being Italian), enjoys a cup of espresso coffee from time to time. As he is the only one to drink it, he uses just a one-cup espresso perculator on the stove-top. That’s where the dilemma lies….
We have a gas stove with cast-iron grills over the flame, but the grill spacing on each burner is a little large in comparison to the pot. The pot has actually fallen off the grill into the burner area, causing a mess to clean up, isn’t great for the electronic pilot, and now he has to wait while another pot brews……

The coffee pot sitting on top of the grill…

(You can see the problem with the spacing of the cast-iron grills).

I started searching around for something that would work. It had to be cast-iron to go above the flame on the gas stove, as you couldn’t have anything that would either melt or burn, and be big enough that the base of the espresso pot could safely perk without tipping over.
I found a number of trivets, but they were painted in a chrome finish, or they were alluminium, which wouldn’t have been flamable. Every time I was in a store that might have something that would work, there was always one aspect as to why they wouldn’t.

One day I was in a dollar store and came across a cast-iron wall hook. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect…

The front of the hook:

The back of the hook:

The hook on the grill of the burner:

The pot fit perfectly on the wall hook:

Now, my husband is able to perk his espresso without it going all over the place because it tipped over……Yeahhhhhhhh!

Sometimes, the answer to a problem is right in front of you, and sometimes you have to think hard, and search long!

You won’t have another blog until after Thanks-giving, so have a great one, and enjoy your family time……Until next time, Judy

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