Decluttering and Redesigning Guest Bedroom --06/07/2013

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Decluttering and Redesigning Guest Bedroom --06/07/2013

Decluttering and Redesigning Guest Bedroom — 06/07/13

Hope everyone had a wonderful July 1st, and also July 4th….

Before I get into the guest bedroom redesign, I’d like to show you an article sent to me by my father…..


1) “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, Leonardo Da Vinci;

2) 80 percent of what we own we never use;
3) De-Cluttering will reduce housework by 30-40%;
4) Spend less time looking for things;
5) Free and open space is liberating;
6) It does not work or you have not used it in years;
7) It has no sentimental or monetary value;
8) Feel great by donating useful items to a charity;
9) 1-800 RID-OF-IT recycles, reuses or donates all useful items;
10) An ex gave it to you!


(Wise words to GET 1-800 RID-OF-IT now)


“Less is more.” -Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris
You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.” -Johnny Mercer

"The joy of giving is indeed a pleasure, especially when you get rid of something you don’t want." -Frank Butler and Frank Cavett, "Going My Way"

The list above, holds so true! The problem we have today, is accumulating TOO MUCH STUFF…..

This guest bedroom had WAY TOO MUCH GOING ON, even though it displayed a wonderful collection of artifacts from Japan.

The two kimonos above the bed are authentic, as are the geisha dolls and samuri warrior on the shelf under the window.

There are two framed pictures beside the window, which were actually greeting cards sent to the owner from Hong Kong, from a friend. (Like I’ve said previously, anything put into a frame, then becomes artwork).
There was a small collection of Oriental tins on the night stand, along with some paper and silk fans. The paper umbrella had been purchased in ChinaTown.

The paint work in the room was originally painted with bubble wrap plastic wrapped around the paint roller, giving the walls a “snake-skin” appearance. (Very unusual, but the walls needed more definition with a more solid paint application, as the finish was now dated).

So, the first job of the day, was to take EVERYTHING out to the bare walls……and start again.

The paint used, was almost the same shade as previously, but done in a smooth finish, and all the trim was painted a bright white, instead of the gold metalic paint.
There was no head board with the bed, so one was created by hanging this fabulously over-sized canvas of a dock going from the beach to the water. (As this house is in “COTTAGE COUNTRY”, we created a total beach theme). The owner had a collection of beach rocks that she had collected from the local beach in her area, but they were in a bag in the dresser drawer. Some were scattered on the night table and the rest were placed on a silver tray on the dresser. (She was so pleased that they weren’t in the drawer any longer…)
The closet doors had been wallpapered when the room was in its Oriental mode, so it was stripped off and covered with faux suade drapes, cut to suit and stapled on the back of the “builder brown” slider doors. However, each panel of drape wasn’t long enough to reach the bottom of the doors, so a second panel was cut and added to the bottom. (The drapes were a dark brown, to compliment the bed-spread). The second panel that was added, is a taupe colour, rather than using the dark brown, as there may have been a problem with the die match. To cover up the seam between the light and dark panel, a blue cotton ribbon was glued across the join, matching the blue pattern on the spread and the paint chosen.

The drapes on the window were also treated in the same fashion. (Adding length on the bottom to touch the floor). By repeating the same treatment on both the closet and the window, gave continuity and flow to the space.

The cranes on the wall are just “peel and stick” decals to add a bit of whimsy….

More artwork was hung on the opposite side of the room, also keeping with the whole "BEACH" theme.

The dresser was one that the owner’s husband grew up with from childhood. The handles were painted a high gloss black, as there were holes exposed when I tried to replace them with more modern ones. It also had its own mirror attached, but that came off really quickly and a large separate framed mirror was hung on the wall. (You can see the beach rocks on the silver tray on the dresser…) This dresser is actually one piece of a whole set. You can see the rest of it in a previous blog…Guest Bedroom Make-over, 06/05/2013. (As the owners are now “EMPTY NESTERS”, they have a couple of “guest bedrooms” at their disposal……..

Every bedroom, especially a guest bedroom, needs a chair…if not for sitting, for placing your things while you’re staying.
Another nice piece to present a guest with, are their own towels placed lovingly on a brass towel rack, making them feel so welcome in your home. (You can see it beside the bed in the first picture of the redesign).

Well, I hope this inspires you to either DECLUTTER or REDESIGN…….

Until next time………Judy

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