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Hello everyone!  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend?  It’s actually coming to a close all too quickly though.  Up here in the Barrie, Ontario Canada area we still have just under a foot of snow on the ground.  The temperatures are rather cold too.  However, I can’t wait until April, as my husband and I have booked a trip back to Cuba.  We have our first three nights in Havana and the last four in Varadero.  So, looking forward to it.  The only thing I’ll have to shovel is the sand….haha!!

You know how you go bargain shopping after Christmas, hoping to find an amazing deal.  Well, I got some beautiful placemats in HomeSense…..a set of 4 for $3.00, so I bought two sets.


They are totally reversible from a gorgeous midnight blue silk to a fuscia pink silk.  So, really I got 16 placemats instead of 8.  Both colours are so intense.  I love them both.  I wanted to have napkins that I could use with the mats, but knew I’d have to make them, as I couldn’t find anything ready-made in the colours I wanted.


After a bit of a search in a fabric store,  I found this with “COLOURED BIRDS”.

Before cutting out my napkins, I had to make sure there were enough groupings of birds, so that each napkin had at least one.  I wanted 10, so that there were 2 extra for the bread baskets used on the table.


I ended up having enough material left to make a small square that could be used over another tablecloth, or to cover a serving side table.  I would probably use only one side at a time, but could set a table as shown alternating the mat colours.  I’m very pleased with my coloured birds.

Speaking of coloured birds……do you know what has become so amazingly popular????  Those adult colouring books, (also know as art theropy as a method of decreasing your stress level). So, now you can sit “COLOLURING BIRDS”…..

Well, I did go and get one for myself just to see what all the hooplah is about. They are extremely intricate, and will obviously take quite some time to complete, but that’s what they’re for……


I thought I would give it a go using the cover of the book as a trial run.  I am using pencil crayons because you can do shading with them, where-as using markers you will only get the one intensity without shading.  So far, so good! They do make you sit and enjoy a period of quiet time, doing something mindless, as opposed to being crazy busy all the time.



Do you have one of these adult colouring books yourself?  They are so much fun, and I can honestly say that I will enjoy them for some time to come.  I went out and bought 2 more for myself while they were on the store shelf.

So take a moment to smell the roses, or colour birds.  Enjoy your quiet moments……Until next time, Judy

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