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I used this picture, from Google, in my previous blog about unique types of lighting

FIRST, I just want to say how excited I am to have received the coveted badge award from HOUZZ, for 2014, for CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!!!

See it posted on my web site…….

Today, I want to show you a “cloche
a woman’s close-fitting hat with a deep, bell-shaped crown and often a narrow, turned-down brim.
a bell-shaped glass cover placed over a plant to protect it from frost and to force its growth.
a bell-shaped metal or glass cover placed over a plate to keep food warm or fresh”,

that I made from an acrylic kitchen jar, (with a wooden lid), and ones that I bought……..

The silver lid with the finial, I found at an antique’s garage sale for 0.50, and figured it would make a perfect topper for my home-made cloche. I didn’t like the wood finish of the base, so spray-painted it with a silver, then sanded it to give it a distressed look. I also did the same to the cloche bases that I purchased…..

I used my hot glue gun to adhere the silver lid to the jar……

I love the idea of using glass cloches in my decor. You can put absolutely anything you want under glass…

Just for fun, I put the TV converter under the glass…(WHERE’S THE CONVERTER?????? Oh! Never Mind….)

Or how about the phone….

Seriously now, here are some ideas I had for using all my cloches in one vignette on my dining-room table as a center-piece…..

I only have the three, but they don’t have to be always together….separate them and put different things in them to tell your own story….

I tried different objects and scattered placements to see what they would look like….

At Christmas

Vintage perfume bottles

3 Die-cast trucks…

A small gold slipper

A little framed picture

Vintage hair brush, face powder compacts and a lipstick…

Vintage breath mint tin and small brass tins…

Sweet purple violets…

Ceramic wall plaque of Victorian doll…

Dried pomegranate decorative balls…

An old book…

Silver trinket boxes…

Small bird and silver feather…

OOOPS! I lied, I now have 4 cloches….I forgot about this little guy that I use at Christmas in my main bathroom, which has the turquoise colour in it…..
Beach Santa…

These next two objects can also fit under the cloche category too!!!!
Large glass jar filled with pine cones and battery operated candle…

Bird cage housing some blooms…

The dictionary definition, also states that a cloche can cover food to keep it fresh…

Here, I used a glass lid from a very large apothecary jar in my kitchen. I made the plate stand. See previous blog

Have fun inventing new ideas for making and using your cloche!!!
For hundreds of images go to Pinterest
and also Google

I will be away for Valentine’s Day, so I wish you lots of warm, fuzzy feelings with the ones you love….Have a good one! 
Until next time, Judy

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