CARPET REDESIGN -- 27/07/2013

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CARPET REDESIGN -- 27/07/2013

CARPET REDESIGN — 27/07/2013

Hello everyone!
Well, we are almost into the month of August already….OMG!!!

I’d like to show you a carpet that was givien to me by my parents. They bought it in England when they got married, (so many, many years ago).
Having said that, the carpet is still in amazing shape for its age.
When the carpet was purchased, it was in runners instead of one piece.
Mom and Dad had used it as their living room flooring and also up a stair-case, so it received a lot of traffic. They moved to St. John’s, Nfld in 1956 and the carpet was then put into a formal living room. My father seamed the runners, making it into broadloom, (wall-to-wall carpeting). 
It stayed on that floor for 13 years. They then moved to Toronto in 1970, and again, the runners were seamed together as broadloom in another formal living room, until 2010. After my father sold that house, the runners were passed on to me. I had them rolled up on a shelf for about 2 years, until I could decide where I’d like to use them…….

These are only 2 of 7 rolls, varying in length from 9 to 12 feet.
THE PATTERN AND COLOURS ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and very, very unique. Being pure wool, there is no way I’d be able to buy anything like it, because of cost and design!


So, you can understand why I wanted to have this carpet in my home!!!
I thought about where I wanted to use it for some time. I didn’t know if I wanted it on my stairs, the family room, or left as runners in hall-ways.
My final choice, after laying hardwood on the entire ground level, was to 
have them seamed together as an area rug for my dining room….
The runners were seamed, but needed an edge around the perimeter,
causing another dilema of what colour to use. Even though my dining room is almost the same green shade, it would restrict me in the future as to matching with other decor. I CHOSE SOLID BLACK, there-fore not tying me to greens or golds, or even reds with paint or drapes, etc.

I went to “End of the Roll” carpet retailer, and had them cut me an 8” strip off the roll. This was seamed perfectly around the whole perimeter of the seamed runners. I now had an area rug, measuring 9’ x 10’ edged in black. I am so thrilled with the workmanship from the man that took this job on.

Every room should have something BLACK in it….it’s supposed to be GOOD LUCK!

The carpet also creates a fabulous focal point for the space.

The colours are very vibrant, but the photos don’t pick up on this….

Because there is so much history for my father, with this carpet, I decided to have the same man edge me a piece measuring 3’ x 4’, also edged in solid black, (but only a 4” border, as 8” would have been far too over-sized), so that my father can also have a piece of his past…..

If you like something, but are not thrilled with some aspect of it, it can always be changed to suit. Don’t be afraid to think out-side the box!!!

So, have a wonderful weekend….
Until next time…….Judy

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