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Happy Monday! Hope all the fathers had a wonsderful FATHER’S DAY….

Today I am writing about accessorizing your space….ACCESSORIES are like the icing on the cake, or the jewellery you put on with an outfit. It is that finishing touch that can bring in your personality”, “glam”, “visual interest”, “tie your colours into a cohesive design”, and give your space LIFE….

Today’s write-up is showing a collection of TURQUOISE glass in a master bedroom…….

These two covered dishes were actually purchased at an automotive flea market, where they also had a farmer’s field of antiquities for sale. (Just love the way the green seems to melt into the blue). These are not in the master bedroom decor, but had to include them in my blog, as they are quite stunning…….They are actually in the kitchen amongst a vast "BLUE GLASS" collection, which I will post on at a later date….

Found wonderful turquoise glass lamps that were absolutely perfect each side of the bed….and a shallow bowl was added, holding decorative balls in complimentary colours, and also gives texture on the night table……

This is a small collection of crystal perfume bottles, and a cute bud vase, again, purchased at an antique market. Placing them on a silver tray keeps them in a grouping on the dresser.

A very tall, narrow bottle, holding PEACOCK FEATHERS, and mosaic glasses of different heights, is pleasing to the eye……

This sweet glass bowl is filled with white hydrangea and is purched on a narrow shelf above the one night table. Three small books, laying flat, were added under the glass bowl.

These two wine bottles were given to the owner by a friend. White tapered candles were inserted, and add needed height at the opposite end of the dresser, from where the tall narrow bottle and mosaic glasses sit.

These next two pieces are very RETRO in appearance, but suit the decor wonderfully..

The two framed pictures on the left, (facing you in the picture), were up-loaded images from the computer, and the framed pictures on the right,(facing you in the picture), are actually pieces of material, some of which was used as the throw on the bed, and the larger one is small silk gift bags that were taken apart and put in the frame. (Once you frame something, it automatically becomes art in your space —- in my eyes, anyway)!!!!

Have fun with your accessories….Nothing is etched in stone, so play around with your things. Add, take away, or re-arrange until you achieve the feeling that you are looking for….

ACCESSORIZING is the part of the redesign that I look forward to doing the most. You see your whole inspiration come together in a grand finale`…….

So, here’s hoping you have a fantastic week…..

Until next time……..Judy

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