1920's APARTMENT REDESIGN -- 10/06/2013

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1920's APARTMENT REDESIGN -- 10/06/2013

1920’s APARTMENT REDESIGN — 10/06/2013

Hope a great weekend was had by all!!!!! I think summer has finally shown its HAPPY FACE…….

Today I’m writing about an apartment redesign that I did in a beautiful area of Toronto. Located right next to High Park on Bloor Street West, this gem of a building is where two young buddies share an amazing 2-bedroom apartment.

One of the more long-term tenants told me that this building used to be a hotel….the concierge desk is still in the foyer.


The TV wall and the wall opposite, in the dining area, were painted a very dark taupe, ( Behr “Smokey Glass) and the other walls were a lighter version in the taupe family, (Behr “McClendon’s Pass), making the apartment very dull and dreary. The previous tenant had even painted the base-boards the same colour as the walls, which didn’t give any contrast in the room.

The picture hung above the TV is way too small in size for the length of the wall that it’s hung on, upsetting the balance.

The one window in the living-room had no curtain which left the room feeling rather bleak.

The hall-way on the left side is actually 41’ long, going from the entrance to the apartment, encompassing the living-room area, and on down to the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry area. One of the boys had collected a number of “MOVIE” posters that were hung all the way down the hall and the dining area, (but as the redesign progressed, he found that he didn’t want to hang them back up again…..it was time for a change)!


The entire living-room and the 41’ wall in the hall-way, were painted a beautiful pale grey with bright white trim all around…(Behr “Silver Screen”). Just changing the paint colour made an enormous difference in the brightness of the whole space.

The picture previously hung above the TV, was replaced with a lovely picture, (from IKEA), of the Brooklyn Bridge which complimented the colour pallet and is a much better scale for the size of the wall, becoming a focal point of the room.

A new love-seat was purchased by one of the boys, and the long blue and white couch was placed on the hall wall, as they didn’t want to get rid of it.

The cool dresser, behind the love-seat, was purchased at a thrift shop for $19.99. (I love the "MAD MEN" styling….very Retro). It gave a lovely eye-catching vingette to the love-seat so that you don’t see the back side as you walk into the apartment, and also allowed for a set of bright red lamps to give height and an amazing pop of colour in the middle of the room. It also became a great storage unit for movies and DVD’s that were previously stored beside the TV in a tower.

One curtain panel had to be cut up the middle and made into two panels, making a more finished look to the room.


The existing chairs and table were re-used, (thus, the red accents thrown in). The drapes were also re-used, but the knots were untied. They hung over the electric wall heater under the window, so for safety, the boys knotted them.

Movie posters on the dark taupe wall of the dining-room……

Lovely, old dining table, and cool red IKEA chairs….

The IKEA bar cart was also re-used…..


The dining-room wall was painted a bright red, (Behr “Poinsettia” mixed with a glaze and a crafter’s “Russet”), tying in the dining chairs, and was ragged over, as a solid red wall would have been far too over-bearing. The boys were thrilled that I gave them a chalk-board wall. (I wanted to keep the apartment fun for the boys).

The curtains were pinned, rather than hemmed, over the heater, so that they could be re-cycled into a future living space…….

A sweet red throw rug, (from IKEA), was placed under the table, mainly to cover up the broadloom underneath……

The picture that was previously hung above the TV was re-hung in the dining area, and fit perfectly……
A great way to fill bare corners in any space, is to bring in large plants, (also adds life to a room).

Even though there is a large closet in the entrance hall-way, the boy’s jackets still seemed to end up on the back of a dining-room chair, so I hung this coat hook shelf, ( in white to match the trim), and also re-used a long mirror, also painted white, (from gold).

The bar cart was moved to the long hall wall and worked great as a spot to put the mail or keys…..(the boys were even able to store their base-ball gloves in the baskets below….)
I still wanted more light to come into the apartment, so I found this large mirror that I hung above the bar cart to reflect the outside light from the window opposite. (The key-board is also no longer there either).


Very ho-hum, but without getting into major expense, there wasn’t too much we could really do except add colour with paint…..

First, I painted the window wall an amazing “HAPPY” green….(Behr “Asparagus”). The white paint wasn’t too bad, so I didn’t touch it.

I took down the lacey curtains and made a valance from material that I had from my own home…..

The black-and-white picture is actually wall-paper of old menus, and I brought in more of the green in the tea towels.

The end wall was very boring, so to add colour, I made these pictures by using the same material I had used for the valance, and covered blank artist’s canvases, (purchased from the Dollar Store), giving a much more cohesive feel to the kitchen. The “Chef” chalk-board was also re-used.

In my redesigns, I try to re-use, re-purpose, or re-style as much as I possibly can, thus, helping the land-fill sites, and is a great way to keep clients within their budget……..

Have a great week…

Until next time……..Judy


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