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Hi everyone!  Hope you had a marvelous weekend.

My husband, myself and two other couples went to the Cookstown Wing Ding. The whole town of Cookstown, Ontario, turns into one huge garage sale.  You can go up any of the streets, and almost every house hosts a garage sale.  You never know what you may find…..I found a beautiful silver plate vase for $5.00.  It was pretty grimy and tarnished, but with some silver polish it came up smashingly.

I also bought a set of  Cobalt Blue glass pepper and salt shakers, again for $5.00 to add to my glass collection….

My post today is “WHAT’S IN YOUR”…Cupboard…….

We tend to keep furniture, clothes, and many other things around because we either can’t afford to replace, or keep it for sentimental reasons, or you just like it.  

My husband and I received a set of acrylic drinking glasses as a shower gift when we were married…..

We will actually be married 30 years this July, and my husband also turns 60, and we still have, and use, these glasses.  They are, however, looking rather sad…..

They don’t leak, but are terribly etched and the edge is broken away in spots, from being dropped.  IT’S TIME TO REPLACE….When I came home with a new set, my husband said…..”We have had these glasses for HALF OF MY LIFE!!!!!  Too bad..time to change them up…sorry!

These are the ones I replaced with…

It’s funny how the simplest of things sometimes take years to change!

Another piece that I have in my closet, is a long black skirt from LIPTON’S.  It came second hand to me from one of my husband’s cousins.  It was given to her by a woman she used to work for. It’s pure virgin wool and a very classic cut…It is, and probably always will be, my “go to”  piece.  I’ve already had it for about 20 years…..(and it still fits….YEAHHH).

“What’s In Your Cupboard or Closet”????????  Do you have stuff you should part with, but can’t for what-ever reason?

Have a great week….Until next time, Judy

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