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Good morning….Hope you had just the best weekend ever?  The weather was perfect for what-ever you were doing.  My husband and I took a trip to Kingston, Ontario.  Never been before.  Such a beautiful city, with soooo much history….we took a boat cruise through 1000 Islands, which included a tour of BOLDT CASTLE; took a trolley ride and toured through BELLEVUE HOUSE, (former home of Sir John A. MacDonald).Just basically had a wonderful time…..

Today’s post is re-using, re-vamping, a vintage kitchen canister set.  With Interior Redesign, the main strategy is to re-use items that are already in the home.  They may need some TLC, a new paint application, or some small repair to make them into something useful, modern-looking, and find a new home within your decor.

This is what my canister set originally looked like.  They went well with my country decor at the time….I had a vintage tin collection of over 200 tins, but they are all gone now………..

We ripped out our whole ground floor 2 years ago and did a total remodel.  The canisters didn’t work anymore with the decor, so I searched everywhere for something in a bright green, having the 4 canisters, what-ever they were made of…. be it tin, ceramics, glass.  I couldn’t find anything that I liked.  Many canister sets only have 3 units, and I really wanted to have the 4 again.  Having absolutely no luck in finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to re-use my own, but they had to be painted over……

This is how they turned out…

 To “IDENTIFY” the contents of each tin, I had to create my own labelling. 

The lettering was done with a letter stencil, with a permanent black marker, then covered over with clear nail polish for extra protection and to seal the letters.

The tins remained like this for 2 years, but I wanted to change things up a bit, so started a few experiments with labelling….

Instead of painting the chalk board label, I cheated and used a sticker, and wrote the words with a chalk pen.  Unfortunately, the stickers didn’t stick as well as I had assumed they wood, so back to the “DRAWING BOARD”!!!!!


I found these sweet “Mason Jar” no-stick chalk board labels in Michael’s.  I punched a whole in each and tied them to the tins with jute rope wrapped twice around the tin.  (The green is still the same shade).

I am happy with my tins!  I like my tins!

What will you re-use, re-purpose, redesign?????  

Have fun thinking of ways you can re-use an item within your decor….Until next time, Judy

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