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Hello everyone, 
Had a wonderful trip to Stratford, Ontario this past weekend to see two plays…..our eldest son bought the tickets for mine and my husband’s birthdays….
The Fall colours were absolutely amazing. I took tons of pictures, but I’ll just show you a couple at the end of my post.
The post is about how I decorated the front porch for the Fall season….

The colour theme came from the wreath hanging on the door. I found it in a second-hand shop and just loved the combination of purple and orange together. (The sales person said I could easily change out the ribbon, but I told her that was the main reason my attention was drawn to the wreath in the first place, plus, I only paid $5.00).

The purple kale plants tied in beautifully with the colour scheme. The orange Chinese Lanterns in the vase, I was lucky enough to find while out walking in the neighborhood. Someone had dumped plants at the edge of a field and they took, so there were loads for the picking.

Still at the FRONT DOOR, but inside…..
These were cheap orange pumpkins from the Dollar Store, but I painted them white with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The two bases were from a garage sale for $3.00 for the pair, as they appear.

Changed the pewter teddies in my cloches for pumpkins….

And now, some random fall pictures that I took locally and in Stratford…..
(I love the beautiful architectural grasses you can get for adding texture and height to your garden. This particular grass is called “Karl Foerster
I have planted half a dozen of these in my own garden. They are perennials too, which is a good thing!!!!

A mother swan and her baby cygnet….the baby was as big as the Mom, but still had the soft down feathers.

There is an annual parade of the swans each Spring…..

We took the half-hour tour in the horse-drawn wagon, with a tour guide. 
Whenever you are a tourist, try and take these little tours, as you see things that you’d otherwise miss just walking. Plus, they are always full of information that you wouldn’t necessarily know on your own. (This particular tour was FREE). Free is always good!!!!!!!

Well, HAPPY TRAILS to you……. Hope you have some great adventures planned.
Enjoy this beautiful time of year!

Have a great week!!!! Until next time…….Judy

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Love all aspects of FALL!   Warm sweaters, high boots, raking leaves, burning leaves, the amazing colours…

Love all aspects of FALL! Warm sweaters, high boots, raking leaves, burning leaves, the amazing colours…

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Fire in the WoodsTravel and see the world

Living in CANADA…beautiful….


Fire in the Woods

Travel and see the world

Living in CANADA…beautiful….

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