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Hello everyone!  Hope you had an amazing long weekend?

My weekend started out as any other….On the Saturday, my husband and I went to “Kempenfest” in downtown Barrie.  My favourite area is the ANTIQUES section.

I picked up this beautiful silver-plate meat server for only $2.00….

It was really, really black when I bought it, but with a good rub with silver polish, it came up amazingly. Needless-to-say, I am thrilled.

Sunday my husband and I went to a new restaurant for breakfast, then we returned home.  Tony, (my husband), wanted to try out this power washer I had purchased at a garage sale for $25.00, to see if it was worth the money.  He spent a few hours power washing the back deck….and found out that it was worth every penny!!!!!!  (It’s fantastic when you do get something at a garage sale that truly saves you $150.00 for something you want but don’t use a great deal).  Just don’t store it in the garage over the winter, as any residue water in the machine will freeze, then it will crack, and you end up with a leaky power washer).

It’s funny how you live with something for years and years, and really don’t notice that maybe it needs some TLC…..The power washer totally makes the grade….YEAHHHH!!!!!

We then decided to do a BBQ for dinner…All was going well, until it started to rain.  AND RAIN IT DID!!!!!  The winds went crazy and the rain pelted down so hard…we even had hail.  The violent storm lasted about 20 minutes, but left this in it’s wake……(It did rain again over the evening and into the night, but nothing like 5:30pm on Sunday.  We lost power for about 5 hours).


I AM ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDED that the tree fell exactly between our house and the new neighbour”s, doing no damage what-so-ever, to either property.  The new neighbours moved in last week, so this was a fine “How-Do-You-Do”!!!!  We also had 2 panels come off the gazebo roof, but we retrieved them and put them back in place.  A planter on the back deck, with a cinder block inside for weight, also blew over.  The neighbours had 2 twigs on their lawn, and their big patio umbrella, sitting up and open, remained untouched.  They also had some glass candles on the deck rail that didn’t even budge.  When they came outside on the Monday morning…I told them they needed to clean up their debris of 2 twigs…….LOL…..

So, I hope that you haven’t suffered any damage….

Take care, and until next time…..Judy

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